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We currently carry well over 100 items officially sold outside Japan exclusively on the TOM Shop! Watch out, though—quite a few of these are available only in strictly limited quantities.
[Just Added] Celebrate the 10th anniversary of Summer Wars with these adorable kokeshi dolls, plus a variety of other new TOM Exclusive merchandise!
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We also recently added several extravagant new Granblue Fantasy and Zombie Land Saga sets from Comic Market 97. They’re packed full of high-quality collectibles & beautiful art—a real treat for fans.
We’ve got a number of Type-Moon Racing figures (such as this brand new Altria Pendragon), but also so much more. Sprinkled in among the figures, you’ll find complementary Fate artwork in the form of acrylic stands, display-worthy towels, key chains, and apparel. Take a look!
[Love Live Series] Nijigasaki High School Idol Club 2nd Live! official event merch is now up for pre-order—for a limited time only!
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Evapacassos + NERV HQ Plushie Set (Standard)
05 Jan. 2020
So adorable
These guys are super cute and are really well made. I regret not getting the large size now haha.
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