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Figure-rise Bust Hatsune Miku
29 May 2020
an excellent and affordable model
i'm really thrilled with this kit, which not only is an expressive figure of Miku, with several points of articulation, but is fun to build as well. in case you missed it in the description or the other reviews, you will have to assemble this figure yourself from a kit. it comes in about 30 or 40 pieces, with an additional 20-25 decals that you have to apply (some of which are very, very tiny). it's not difficult to put together, and you don't really need glue or tools -- though i found a sharp utility knife helpful in removing some of the little nubbins from where the plastic parts were attached to the frame. the whole thing takes about an hour or two to assemble if you're going at a relaxed pace, and all the pieces are well marked, with easy-to-follow instructions.

the fully-assembled figure looks great, especially for the price. it has points of articulation at the neck, each of the twintails, at the base, and on the microphone attached to her headset. the base itself is little dinky; but otherwise this is a great figure that also makes for a fun little project to put together!
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