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A must-see if you want to put together your dream gaming (or anime-watching) set-up. Items from Japanese gaming furniture brand Bauhutte are now available on the TOM Shop—browse this page to learn how they can be combined for gaming in bed, gaming at a pro-quality desk, or even gaming from within the shelter of a nifty indoor tent.
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Premium members get free access to a gallery full of Ninja-kun wallpaper for your computer or phone (including the latest version shown above).
PS. If you feel so inclined, these wallpapers can also be used as backgrounds in Zoom or similar services. :)
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Megadimension Neptunia VII Dimension Traveler Neptune 1/7 Scale Figure
04 Apr. 2020
What the Nep?!
This Nep Nep approved Big Nep is perfect for anyone who is a huge weirdo like myself. If you can't look at pudding without thinking of Neptune, see a syringe without thinking of Compa, or come across a twin-tailed tsundere without thinking "she's no Noire" then you need this figure. If you are a sane person then I don't know why you are looking at Neptune goods in the first place! Seriously it is a great figure that lives up to its pictures and is in no way disappointing.
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