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Honkai Impact 3rd Yae Sakura: Mandarin Gown Ver. 1/8 Scale Figure
17 Mar. 2020
Wow though!
Let's get the bad out of the way first. The colors on the promo are MUCH softer and more pleasant than what's used on the actual figure. The darkest parts of the hair are hot pink, the sort you'd see on Barbie merchandise, and the red accents are more of a candy apple red. She sits facing slightly downward rather than head on like the promo. This has a really unfortunate effect on the figure in my opinion. All of that said, the way she is balanced on the branch is a very neat and impressive design. Besides the coloring being dissimilar to the promo, the paint is applied very well, with no bleeding edges or otherwise flawed application. She is fantastically detailed and delicate. She comes with a beautiful acrylic stand of the illustration the figure is based off of. I don't usually mention packaging, but the box she comes in is so gorgeous, I can't go without mentioning it. The box itself unfolds into a really beautiful paneled illustration that would not look out of place hung on a wall or used as a backdrop for the figure. The hot pink hair really just knocks this figure down a peg for me though since the color is so central to the overall look.
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