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Pre-Order Deadline: 4:30 pm Dec. 23, 2019 (PST)
70+ FGO Fes items are available for a short time only!
(Limited pre-order stocks may remain available after the deadline, but we can’t make any guarantees.)
Big Art + Cheap Shipping
Perfect for use OR display: 9 different enormous, vibrantly colored towels with special art of Jeanne d’Arc, Altria Pendragon, Nero Claudius, Astolfo, Mordred, and llyasviel von Einzbern.

Also available: reasonably priced (and equally cheap to ship) muffler towels featuring way more characters!
Find your favorite!
Browse acrylic stands & keychains featuring tons of fan-favorite TYPE-MOON characters, from Gilgamesh to Semiramis to Jack the Ripper & so many more!

Acrylic stands in particular are a great way to add color & high-fidelity detail to your collection without paying scale figure prices.
Plus a whole bunch more!
Also available: adorable Nobbu merch, gorgeous tapestries, and even some apparel.

Reminder - our official pre-order deadline for all FGO Fes is 4:30 pm on Dec. 23, 2019 (PST). After that point, stocks may start to be quite limited.

Apologies for the short notice, and happy browsing!
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