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Thank you, thank you, thank you!
TOM Premium launched on March 30, 2017.
Can’t believe it’s already been a whole year! 🎉

(TIP: Read to the end to claim your thank-you coupon!)

We’ve made a bunch of updates over the past year—adding Premium points & discounts to TOM Projects, offering daily Akiba Catcher gameplay credit, and much more!

But this is not TOM Premium’s final form.

Over the coming year, we’ll keep listening to your feedback. And we’ll steadily expand Premium benefits to further enrich your otaku life.

Advance notice of another update

Many of you told us that the conditions for joining Premium when making a purchase are pretty confusing. And, well, you’ve got a point there.
For those who have not yet joined Premium, here’s how things will change for you.

Toward the end of next week, our TOM Premium trial price and discount will change.

Pay $4.99 extra, get $10 OFF =
Save $5.01 when joining TOM Premium

Pay $0 extra, get $5 OFF =
Save $5.00 when joining TOM Premium

The end result is almost exactly the same… but we hope this makes it clearer and more streamlined! Note that the conditions for Premium recontract remain unchanged (pay $14.99 and receive $16.50 TOM Points).

So how about that thank-you coupon?

Here ya go! An infinite coupon to express our infinite gratitude to current members. 😉

10% off anything
Use it over & over!

*Expires 11:59 pm Mar. 31 (PDT)
*Usable exclusively by TOM Premium members.

For extra fun, try stacking it with Spring Sale items!
Most importantly, thanks again for all your feedback & support. We’ll work hard to make Year 2 twice as good as the first!
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