A brand new fukubukuro from our most popular brand!
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Introducing a brand new lucky bag from LIZ LISA!

We are so excited to tell you about this gorgeous new lucky bag! The Summer 2015 Lucky Bag (fukubukuro) comes in a beautifully designed rolling luggage. It's much larger than the one included with the spring lucky bag! It also has two locks instead of one, and the pink surfaces are embossed with an intricate pattern of roses and ribbons.

While the spring lucky bag only contained two pieces of clothing, the Summer 2015 Lucky Bag comes with three pieces of clothing, which can make two complete outfits!

All sets are guaranteed to contain the same perfectly coordinated set-up outfit: a shimmery blouse with luxurious lace sleeves, and a matching sukapan-style skirt. Plus, you'll receive one of two possible dresses, which are packed randomly--that's the fun part of getting a lucky bag!

New LIZ LISA Lucky Bag

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