Fans from around the world voted! Now we can finally reveal the ranking!
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# anime fans from about the world participated in this survey about summer anime via Facebook or email! Please allow us to announce the results! (*^^*)
1. Durarara!!x2 Ten
Durarara!!x2 Ten, the second season of the sequel for the super-popular anime Durarara!!, ranked first as the most anticipated new summer anime! A huge hit in Japan, Durarara!! must now be mega-popular overseas too!

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2. God Eater
God Eater was a close contender for first place, but ranked in at second. It seems fans’ hopes are high for this long-anticipated anime adaptation of the popular game!
3. Dragon Ball Super
It goes without saying that there are countless Dragon Ball fans around the world. Dragon Ball Super ranked in at third! FYI: TOM has lots of Dragon Ball reproduction art prints! (*^^*)

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4. Prison School
The extremely popular high school comedy manga is finally being made into an anime! Anticipation for the series is high especially because of its wonderful voice actresses! (^o^)
5. Monster Musume
Likewise, this popular manga is also becoming an anime! The work is a slapstick comedy that follows the slightly ecchi everyday life of a boy living amongst many 'liminal' girl monsters! Tons of cuties await! (^^)v
6. Snow White with the Red Hair
An otome manga anime adaptation also made the ranking: Snow White with the Red Hair! Fans are excited to see how the fantasy, picture-book-like world of the tremendously beautiful manga will be expressed on screen!
7. Charlotte
This completely new work was made by the same screenplay team as the original work Angel Beats so many people are already extremely interested in it! It seems it will be a coming-of-age story for a very few girls and guys gifted with superpowers.
8. Junjo Romantica 3
It’s a BL anime! It’s no surprise to say that there is going to be another Junjo Romatica anime! It will be an exciting lesson of love for a troubled college student. (*^^)

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9. To Love-Ru Darkness 2nd Season
Fans have been talking a lot about the second season to the To Love-Ru Darkness spinoff. If you’re a fan, you might want to check out all the adorable figures of popular To Love-Ru characters on TOM!

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10. Working!! 3rd Season
Working!! is the anime adaptation of an original four-panel manga set at a family restaurant. There are so many likable characters, all it takes is watching it once to be utterly hooked!

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What do you think about the results?! Did the anime you can’t wait to watch make the ranking? Either way, this summer is going to be great! (*^^*)

By the way, we’re now asking fans another question: What anime character would you want to go to the beach with this summer? Please take a moment to tell us!
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