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    Amazing Making of Latte Art Video!

    In this video, I was conscious about showing how I usually go about drawing latte art. Usually, I carefully select an easy looking drawing to transform into latte art. However, for this work, I changed it at the last minute, so I was worried about whether I would be able to draw it well. Drawing a latte art of Luffy was long overdue for me.
    Using the theme of Luffy from the second movie that Oda directed, I simply expressed a facial expression of Luffy standing courageously against an enormous enemy. I also drew this piece using a facial angle that I don't normally draw, which added to the difficulty of it. When I first started, drawing Hatsune Miku always gave me problems, no matter which ridiculously cute reference illustration I used. Even this time, figuring out how to draw the fine details in her hair and eyes proved difficult. There seem to be many fans who like cute characters such as Hatsune Miku. I will strive to create latte art that will make them roar with excitement.

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  • Mattsun's Latte Art: Monkey D. Luffy

    The work, Monkey D. Luffy's Latte Art, is explained on top of the movie.

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  • Mattsun's Latte Art: Hatsune Miku

    The work, Hatsune Miku's Latte Art, is explained on top of the movie.

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  • Mattsun's Latte Art: Majin Boo

    The first latte art of mine that was posted to TokyoOtakuMode was this one of Majin Boo from Dragon Ball. Before I began posting, I was able to see various articles and I was moved by the quality of other creators' works. After seeing such great work, I was anxious of whether my work would be able to stand up to the rest. However, after I began posting, many users began liking my work; I even got a good response from overseas users, which surpassed my expectations. This gave me confidence to continue my work. From becoming acquainted with the popularity of Japanese anime overseas, as well being inspired by the works of other creators, I have been able to expand my work.

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  • Mattsun's Latte Art: The Gleaners by Jean-François Millet

    Recently, aside from just drawing anime characters, I have also been drawing portraits and animals. However, what has been the most popular lately is expressing the world of some of history's greatest paintings as latte art. Using such a grand topic took too much time to fully investigate, and I was disheartened when my initial work amounted to nothing. However, the feeling of success when one finally came out to my liking was even more thrilling and exciting than when I draw other characters. It is said that my latte art is similar to India ink painting in that my art is drawn from two separate shades of white and brown. In the future, I plan to challenge myself to draw more in the style of India ink painting and to also use different bowls to draw in, not just cups. I want to challenge the limits of what is possible with latte art.

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About Me


Latte Artist / Japan

I drew my first latte art in 2009 at an Italian restaurant I was working at. The first character I drew was Japan’s national character, Isono Katsuo. Presently, I have drawn more than 500 varieties of latte art. In 2011, the latte art I had drawn up until that point become popular on the internet, and in the summer of 2012, due to the support of fans, I held an exhibit called “Blue Sky Latte Art” in Dotonbori, Osaka. There were even announcements for it online, and it turned out to be a huge success. Now, I am known by overseas users, and my work is featured on TokyoOtakuMode as well as internet news sites both inside and outside of Japan. In the winter of 2012, I also appeared on the TV program “Star Draft Kaigi”. My current goal is to own my own mobile cafe so that I can bring smiles to people all across Japan. I moved from Osaka to Tokyo and I am beginning my career as a latte artist while going to various events.


  • NameMattsun
  • GenreLatte Art
  • NationalityJapanese
  • GenderMale
  • Date of Birth1989/10/05
  • Height168cm
  • Blood TypeO
  • Zodiac SignLibra
  • Years Active4
  • RegionOsaka to Tokyo
  • What I Like to Draw These Days

    Recently, it has been fun making latte art after the masterpieces left behind by great historical painters.

About My Latte Art

What is latte art to me?

To me, latte art is a beautiful stage on which to test out my tastes. Through this, I can make customers smile, and drawing with the intention to make them deeply moved is really fun. Even if it’s simple bear latte art, I don’t just draw the face, I draw the whole body, or two bears hugging each other. I want to capture a uniqueness to my latte art that people can only imagine. Of course, I draw cute characters, but I also want to draw villainous, disgusting characters that insight a strong emotion response to the point that viewers think, “Why on Earth did he draw this?”. I want to draw memorable latte art for people so they will think back on it every time they have an ordinary cup of cafe latte.


Developed latte art skills on my own while working at an Italian restaurant in Osaka

Posted images on internet board 2ch and started taking requests

Opened outdoor latte art booth in Dotombori, Osaka
Joined Tokyo Otaku Mode (TOM), which brings Japanese culture to overseas audiences, as a Special Creator
Made first television appearance
Participated as a latte artist in various parties and events subsequently

Changed location to Tokyo and began working at a Gakugei Daigaku cafe.
Elected as a Japanese tester for the newly introduced mobile payment service Square
Gained a global audience following a report from Reuters
Had first overseas work experience with a report from a Brazilian information program
and an appearance on a Chinese television show,
and will assist with the launch of a coffee shop in 2014.
Scheduled to participate in various parties and events subsequently

Media Features

Published on Internet news site Netolabo.
Featured on Tokyo Otaku Mode, along with video

U.S. Internet news sites “The Huffington Post,” “Cheezburger,” etc.
U.K. Internet news sites “Chow & Chatter,” “The Salt: NPR,” etc.

Featured twice on Japan FM Network with video
Featured in ANA’s “Cool Japan” with video
Featured on Yahoo! Japan Topics
Featured as a Recommended Video on YouTube Japan
Featured in U.K. newspaper
Featured in U.S. ABC News article
Featured in Yahoo! France article
Featured in Korean travel magazine “Bar & Dining”


Appeared as a guest on Nippon Television’s “Star Draft”

Appeared as an artist on Fuji TV’s “Bachi Bachi Elekiteru”
Appeared as an artist on Nippon Television’s “Oha!4”
Video introducing my work broadcast TV Asahi’s “Are wa Sugoi Hazu?!”
Performed as a creator on TBS Channel’s “Namaiki! Arabiki-dan”
Appeared as an artist in a Reuters report sent to 700 TV stations across the world
Featured in a report on information program “Bom Dia Brasil” on Brazilian commercial broadcasting network TV Globo
Appeared as a guest on Mainland China TV’s “Men vs. Women”
Dramatic performance as a creator on Indonesia TV’s “Kokoro Notomo”
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