Illustrator - Japan
Freelance illustrator. I am mainly active within Japan. I don't draw many commercial illustrations.



  • The Timbre of Glass

    I drew this while thinking about being able to hear from it the sound of the glass and wind. I had someday wanted to try drawing a lake surface that reflected everything, and I’d like to challenge myself with it again.

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  • Coming to Greet You

    This is an original piece in the motif of Alice in Wonderland. The image shows the White Rabbit coming to greet Alice once she returned to the real world.

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  • The First Sign of the End

    I aimed for a world like that of a movie. This image shows the near future in which an eventless peace has lasted up till then, but then something happens to her lazy life!

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About Me


Illustrator / Japan

My forte is mainly illustrations with young men and women and a carefully made atmosphere.


  • Creator NameKyouichi
  • GenreIllustration
  • NationalityJapanese
  • GenderFemale
  • Date of BirthJuly 10, 1991

    Work History


    2008.1.17 - Introduced in Jan. 17 issue of Tinami Digest
    2008.8.29 - Fifth place in Oegaki JP’s Summer Vacation Illustration Contest
    2008.10.10 - User Award in Tinami’s Shonen Illustration Contest
    2009.6.21 - Wacom Award in Nippon Institute of Technology’s High School Student Comic Illustration Contest


    Quarterly S (Asuka-Shinsha): one illustration in Issue 19 Little S

    Quarterly S (Asuka-Shinsha): Issue 25 sparkle front cover
    Pixiv Girls Collection (CoreMagazine): submitted illustration
    Blade Chronicle (Foom): promotional illustration
    Small S (Asuka-Shinsha): published in Issue 19 Creating with SAI

    Violet Studio (Gust): countdown illustration

    Akaboo: Piggy free catalog front cover
    Quarterly S (Asuka-Shinsha): beginner course on pen tablets

    Several card illustrations for social games
    Eiyuu ni Naritai Delta and others
    One illustration for Takarajima’s “Jibun no Roots ga Wakaru! Kamon no Rekishi”

    Open campus guest at Nippon Academy of Design’s Shibuya branch