Can I cancel a subscription and receive a refund?

Subscription payments cannot be refunded once processed. You can cancel before your next renewal date to stop your subscription from renewing on your Subscriptions page. Please note that any renewals already processed are nonrefundable and will be shipped until completed.

Please see below for when it is possible to cancel your subscription before it auto-renews.
Please note that requesting for your TOM account to be canceled or deleted will not cancel your subscription.

Monthly Plan: 15 days prior to renewal
3-Month Plan: 30 days after your last renewal
6-Month Plan: 30 days after your last renewal
12-Month Plan: 30 days after your last renewal

Your subscription is not canceled until you receive a confirmation from TOM stating so. If you do not receive a confirmation email of your auto-renewal cancellation, contact us immediately.
Emailing TOM directly to cancel a subscription does not automatically cancel your subscription.
We suggest canceling from your Subscriptions page; canceling from the Subscriptions page and receiving the confirmation is the only sure-fire way to know your Subscription is canceled.