Special Creator Application

Tokyo Otaku Mode showcases stellar artists to the world as TOM Special Creators. TOM Special Creators enjoy exclusive benefits, such as having their creations featured on the TOM Gallery page. You may apply to become a TOM Special Creator via the form on this page. The TOM Team must approve your application in order for you to become a TOM Special Creator. Read on to learn all about being a TOM Special Creator!


About TOM Special Creators

Special Creators
TOM Special Creators are worldwide masters of creating otaku content.
Genres include illustration, cosplay, figure photography, nail art, bento, latte art, Japanese paper cutting, can art, and more.

We, the TOM team, are proud to present each TOM Special Creator to the world and help support them however we can. There is no fee to become a TOM Special Creator or for enjoying any of the exclusive benefits.
Now is your chance to take the world stage!

Exclusive Benefits for TOM Special Creators

- Gain a Worldwide Audience
Your creations will be showcased on the TOM Featured Gallery page for our more than 14 million fans worldwide to enjoy.
- TOM Portfolio: A New Home for Your Creations
You will have a TOM Special Creator exclusive portfolio built to beautifully display your creations and share information about yourself.
redjuiceJohnHathwayKishida Mel
- Interviews
TOM Special Creators have the chance to be interviewed and featured on our news page or on our YouTube channel. TOM is an official partner of YouTube.
- Gain Media Coverage
TOM Special Creators have the opportunity to share their creations with some of the most well-known media outlets in the world.

TOM Special Creator Mixers

Tokyo Otaku Mode × スペシャルクリエイターコラボレーション

Gain access to attend our regular TOM Special Creator mixers at the TOM Japan office and meet other Special Creators of various genres. If you are visiting Japan, be sure to come by our office!

Exhibit Your Creations at Events Worldwide

Can’t make it to France, Singapore, or perhaps the United States? We can display your work for you! Here are some of the events where we showcased TOM Special Creators’ works:

  • Japan Expo 2012 - Paris, France
  • AFA Singapore 2012 - Singapore, Malaysia
  • Asia Style Collection 2013 - Singapore, Malaysia
  • Japan Expo 2013 - Paris, France
  • Anime Expo 2013 - Los Angeles, California, U.S.

Become a TOM Special Creator Now!

Simply register on OtakuMode.com with your email or Facebook and then complete the TOM Special Creator application form below.

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ex.) https://www.facebook.com/zuck