Regarding the Resignation Report of the Japanese Representative of Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc.’s Japanese Branch

It has been reported that the Japanese representative of Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc.’s Japanese branch has resigned.

The May 30th issue of “Kanpou” published the resignation announcements of some foreign companies’ representatives of Japanese branches, and some media outlets reported the announcements in the news.

As of April 1st, 2018, Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc. has reorganized its corporate structure through a triangular merger in order to switch the parent company from the American company to the Japanese one.

In this reorganization process, the original American company and its Japanese branch have been closed while a new American company and Japanese branch have been created. As an important part of this process, we announced the resignation of the company’s Japanese representative in “Kanpou.”

As the article stated, Mr. Kamei has been reinstated as the representative of the Japanese branch of the new American company, Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc. In conclusion, there has been almost no change in the functions of the company.