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The “Let’s Enjoy an Exuberance Fun Band!Special Goods Set Box”to celebrate the band winning the English Version ofBanG Dream! Girls Band Party!2nd General Election is now open for pre-orders!

Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc. (incorporated in Delaware, U.S.; CEO: Naomitsu Kodaka; herein referred to as TOM) opened pre-orders for the Let’s Enjoy an Exuberance Fun Band! Goods Box, which celebrates Let’s Enjoy an Exuberance Fun Band! winning the English version of the BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! 2nd General Election, at 4:00 P.M. today on June 30, 2019 (JST).


TOM held the app’s 2nd General Election for overseas fans from September 11-21, 2019 where a winner was chosen from five shuffle bands. Let’s Enjoy an Exuberance Fun Band!, consists of Arisa Ichigaya, Hina Hikawa, Ako Udagawa, Kokoro Tsurumaki, and Hagumi Kitazawa, and came in first place.

In order to celebrate the band’s victory, TOM has opened pre-orders for a special box set

filled to the brim with original Let’s Enjoy an Exuberance Fun Band! goods. The items feature specially drawn illustrations where the members are enjoying an exuberant after-party on a luxury cruise ship. A tapestry, acrylic stand, plate, glass, clear file folders, and a deck of playing cards are included. Items that the members would have at the party and at the after party were selected to be included in the box.

The box will be embossed with the General Election logo, resulting in a beautiful piece that will make a beautiful installment to collections.

These rare items feature a special composition that can only be seen during this election, and is a must-have for all fans. Don’t miss out on these 2nd General Election items!

[Product Details]
Price: 12,000 JPY (Taxes/shipping fees excluded)

[Pre-order Period]
June 29(Mon) 00:00 ~ July 27(Mon) 23:59 (PDT)

[Shipping Period]
Scheduled to ship in Mid-October 2020

[Product Links]

<Playing Cards>
Size: 89 × 58mm
Case: 90 × 70 × 20mm
Material: Paper

Size: A2 (420×594mm)
Material: Polyester

<Acrylic Stand>
Height: 125mm × Length: 155mm × Width: 50mm (When assembled)
Material: acrylic
*Please note that sizes may slightly vary between each piece.

Size: Ø 165mm
Material: Porcelain (encased in a box)

Size: Top diameter: 55mm Height: 193mm
Volume: 165cc
Material: Glass (encased in a box)

<Clear File Folder>
Five folder set
Size: A4 (210 × 297mm)
Material: PET

Size: 241 × 320 × 80mm
Material: paper
box_main*Please note that sizes may slightly vary between each piece.

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[About BanG Dream!]
“BanG Dream!” is a next generation girls band project that links animated characters with real life performances. It is a media franchise that includes Anime, Games and Live Performances. Voice actresses from "Poppinʼ Party", "Roselia" and "RAISE A SUILEN" appearing in the Anime series formed the live bands and are actively performing live performances. In March 2020, a fourth live band "Morfonica" was formed and announced.

Currently, “BanG Dream! Garpa☆Pico~OHMORI~” is now airing on Official BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! YouTube Channel.

[About BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!]
The mobile game from the same "BanG Dream!" universe, “BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!” is an exciting music rhythm game co-developed by Craft Egg Inc. and Bushiroad Inc.. The game has been awarded “App Store Best of 2017 – Top Game Ranking”, and “Google Play Best of 2017 – Grand Prize for Players’ Choice Game and Attractive Game” in Japan.

*The English version is available worldwide except for Japan, China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau.


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