Bellatrix Aiden

Cosplayer - Ukraine
Hello guys! My name is Bellatrix Aiden. And I'm a cosplayer from Ukraine. I would like to make some international friends <3



  • Final Fantasy VIII - Edea Kramer

    Edea Kramer cosplay was my dream for 7 years. And here is the result. Dress is made by me. And all craft is made by Sundra. Photo by Pugoffka.

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  • Ludwig Kakumei -Mother of Blanche

    Unfortunately, this character doesn’t have a name since she appeared only in the first chapter of Ludwig Kakumei manga. Actually I used my real hair for this cosplay. We curled it up and also change the form of my eyebrows.

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  • Nana – Reira Serizawa

    Reira was one of my first cosplay characters. I wasn’t happy with that result and remake this costume after 5 years. And this cosplay turned very well!

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  • Macross Frontier – Sheryl Nome

    Sheryl is one of my favorite characters. I think I made 7 or 8 her costumes. I can’t be tired of her beautiful dresses and outfits!

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  • Vocaloid – Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Rin

    This is Ama Yume Rou version. Costumes and decorations were drawn by Rin’s cosplayer – Fluorescence911.

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About Me

Bellatrix Aiden

Cosplayer / Ukraine


My name is Bellatrix Aiden and I'm a cosplayer from Ukraine. My most popular cosplays are Card Flower from Card Captor Sakura, Edea Kramer from Final Fantasy VIII and Mother Of Blanche from Ludwig Kakumei. Also you can find much more my photos on this page!

My favourite anime series are One Piece. My dream is travelling around the world, attending foreign events and making new friends. It’s very interesting and exciting. Currently I'm working as QA engineer at worldwide known IT company. I'm specialist in MPEG and Networking.

I am very grateful to cosplay. I have met a lot of different people; visited places; became friends with people I didn’t know before, from various cities. I became more sociable and self-confident. And I have accomplished a part of my dream. When I was a little girl my dream was to become an actress and a model, and cosplay helped me to combine them both.


  • Creator NameBellatrix Aiden
  • GenreCosplay
  • GenderFemale
  • Date of BirthAug. 14, 1989
  • Height168 cm
  • Zodiac SignLeo
  • Years Active5
  • RegionKiev, Ukraine

    About Cosplay

    I was 18 years when I started cosplay. So this autumn I celebrated the 5th anniversary of my first cosplay. At that time me and my friends made cosplay of Naruto series.
    The character was Uchiha Itachi. The preparation process and performance of this anime lasted for nearly 8 months.
    All the participants became real friends and made all efforts to achieve our plans. But the moment I put the costume and make-up on,
    and saw my full-size reflection in the mirror, I remember even now! The first thought was “So great! I can BE like my favourite character!”

    Sooth to say, the most important option to choose the character is my attitude to him/her. It’s necessary to like the character and don’t be irritated by its behavior.
    In the situations when I was asked to make not familiar character with big cosplay team it’s very important to investigate the character behavior, temper , history etc.
    If you don’t start to like the character, the result can be disappointing or you’ll never get so much fun as possible with favorite character.

    Also I try to pay attention to the height – it’s very important thing when you cosplay with someone. Face type is very significant detail when I choose the character.
    Usually chibi boys/girls and manly type boys are like a taboo for me. I know that the result can be disappointing.

    Characters which I choose are so different in the way they express their emotions, opinions and themselves; they also look different.
    Sometimes, it is very difficult to act like those characters. So it is a challenge for my inner actress.

    About Costume and Prop Making

    Actually, at the begining I didn't know how to sew and I ordered seamstress my costumes. Later, I was interested how do you feel when you are making one yourself.
    Or should I say, will I mess up with it with my skills (laughs). The experiment was successful, so now I sew costumes myself.

    But also my friends keep to support me and sometimes help with my costumes. My close friend Fly is Jack of all trades and often helps me with wig styling.
    Craft is new thing for me. At first all of my crafts were made by very talented person – Sundra Shield. Edea Kramer is the result of her great work and creativity.
    I’m not sure if anyone could make the helmet and fence (I’m not sure how to call that thing on my back) somehow better.
    With Sundra’s lections and directions I learned how to work with some materials and made the Scythe weapon (Final Fantasy Type-0 game).
    This craft was the most challenging for me because I was just a beginner.

    The most difficult costume I have ever done is the costume I am working on right now.
    I have started this costume nearly a year ago and I’ve spent sometimes my spare time to improve it and make it more elaborate.
    I had to buy an embroidery machine, many meters of fabric, beads and other materials. I even had to use the method of printing pictures on T-shirts.
    I have to think about every little detail, sometimes I have no idea how to do this or that, I fall into despair, and in the end the answer just comes to me. It’s like magic.