Baron Ueda

Illustrator - Japan
Freelance illustrator. My activities center on illustrations with a unique style for various agencies and companies.


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TOM Special Creator Baron Ueda x TGS 2019 T-Shirt
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  • Metallic Woman (Digital Image)

    A poster art from "The World Is Metallic" artist collab exhibition hosted by Roland DG Corporation

    • 4053
    • 9
  • Hachi (Digital Image)

    A One-off wall painting for a personal tea room in Nishijin, Kyoto.
    The painting uses 20 silk screen prints made by Echizen Japanese paper craftsmen and finished with gold leaf.

    • 4251
    • 18
  • War of Red and Blue and Black

    A poster art for the stage play, "Tatari no Matsuri"(Cursed Worships) created by Action Company Re-act

    • 4397
    • 10
  • King & Knights by Stuffed Bear Company

    My latest creation from the Stuffed Bear Company series that I made for the Ueda Baron personal exhibit, "EyeCandy."

    Stuffed Bear Company is an original story created by Ueda Baron during his debut. The story revolves around a world-class company marketing the "AI BEAR" made with powerful AI technology.

    • 3867
    • 11
  • Triple Tiger Troop-Sergeant Girl & PV2 Bear

    An original poster for a project exhibition called "Tora, Tora, Tora"

    • 3914
    • 11

About Me

Baron Ueda

Illustrator / Japan

I excel at illustrations of characters with unique eyes through flat digital representation using Adobe Illustrator while having an aggressive style with bold lines and compositions that give a sense of depth. I’m also affiliated with Kamikaze Douga for Tomoyasu Hotei’s stage animation in London and NY. I mainly develop art for advertisements, publications, games, and media inside and outside of Japan.

Examples of my work include the Google Chrome artist theme, artwork for EXILE and Perfume, and development of the mascot character for FM802. In 2015, I drew the Wind and Thunder Gods artwork “Universe-Ground・Water・Wind・Thunder・Four Seasons Flowers and Birds View” for the 400th year of the Rinpa school of painting, which was unveiled at the Toraya Kyoto Gallery along with an artisanal furisode. As an artist invited to Red Bull Ignition 2015, I customized a street light in an American city, which permanently remains. I created the character artwork for the huge hit conversational-style strategy game “Jin-Rou DX “ which has surpassed 120,000 sold. I also collaborated with cheese tart shop PABLO to create a mural in Osaka and Kyoto, and I placed third in the world in the LIMITS Digital Art Battle World Championship.


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