I love SAO and had $50 to waste, so I purchased this Figure. Usually Figma figures are spot on with details and articulation. Not this time, the articulation was awful. I can’t move his head up, his legs keep popping off and his feet WILL NOT MOVE! That being said, the details were perfect. I didn’t really like the face plate choices, but they weren’t terrible. Figma needs to make a Kirito 2.0 (and while they’re at it, Asuna could use an update too)! Anyways, the only things I like about this figure is the fact that it’s Kirito (and you CANNOT own an Asuna and NOT have her Kirito-kun) and he has a baby face complete with chubby cheeks. So if you have $50 ...Read moreClose

This Figma is legit!!


I have got to say, this figma is really cool!! Max Factory really captured Kirito’s expressions and the articulation is amazing. It’s a ton of fun to set up Kirito with Asuna in their ALO outfits! Totally recommend to any figma and sao fan.

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