Multimedia Mixed Project - Japan
Kagerou Project is a mixed media project by the versatile creator, musician and novelist Jin and illustrator and video maker Sidu.


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    [MV] Daze (Lyrics Ver.)
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    [MV] Kagerou Days (Jin)
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  • Kagerou Daze V -the deceiving-
    • 19098
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  • Kagerou Daze IV -the missing children-
    • 7671
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  • Kagerou Daze II -a headphone actor-
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About Me


Multimedia Mixed Project / Japan

KAGEROU PROJECT is a mixed media project by the versatile creator, musician and novelist Jin and illustrator and video maker Sidu.

The story is about the characters getting mysterious powers related to eyes and solving cases and mysteries in an ensemble cast form. It’s also a new form of mixed media as the story unfolds on various media including music, novels, and manga simultaneously.
Kagerou Project started its conquest on Japanese websites, where it got immense support from teenagers and became a huge hit with more than 100 million replays.

The project has also been getting a huge amount of doujin contributions by fans in a wide range of fields including illustrations, cosplay, and song covers, mostly shared on the Internet.


  • Years ActiveSince 2011
  • Lyricist, Composer & NovelistJin
  • DesignerSidu


    CD / DVD

    05/30/2012 ALBUM「Mekakucity Days」RELEASE
    08/15/2012 SINGLE「Children Record」RELEASE
    05/29/2013 ALBUM「Mekakucity Records」RELEASE
    12/18/2013 LIVE DVD / Blu-ray「LIVE IN MEKAKUCITY Summer’13」RELEASE
    01/01/2014 Music Clip DVD / Blu-ray「MEKAKUCITY V’s」RELEASE
    06/18/2014 SINGLE「daze/days」RELEASE
    04/01/2015 ALBUM「Mekakucity M’s ~Mekakucity Actors Vocal & Sound Collection~」RELEASE
    11/04/2016 Digital Single「RED」RELEASE
    11/07/2018 ALBUM「Mekakucity Reload」RELEASE


    05/30/2012「Kagerou Daze -in a daze-」RELEASE
    09/29/2012「Kagerou Daze II -a headphone actor-」RELEASE
    05/30/2013「Kagerou Daze III -the children reason-」RELEASE
    08/30/2013「Kagerou Daze IV -the missing children-」RELEASE
    04/29/2014「Kagerou Daze V -the deceiving-」RELEASE
    03/28/2015「Kagerou Daze Ⅵ -over the dimension-」RELEASE
    08/29/2016「Kagerou Daze Ⅶ -from the darkness-」RELEASE
    12/29/2017「Kagerou Daze Ⅷ -summer time reload-」RELEASE


    11/27/2012「Kagerou Daze Comics Vol. 1」RELEASE
    03/22/2013「Kagerou Daze Comics Vol. 2」RELEASE
    08/23/2013「Kagerou Daze Comics Vol. 3」RELEASE
    03/27/2014「Kagerou Daze Comics Vol. 4」RELEASE
    06/27/2014「Kagerou Daze Comics Vol. 5」RELEASE
    12/27/2014「Kagerou Daze Comics Vol. 6」RELEASE
    06/27/2015「Kagerou Daze Comics Vol. 7」RELEASE
    03/26/2016「Kagerou Daze Comics Vol. 8」RELEASE
    03/27/2017「Kagerou Daze Comics Vol. 9」RELEASE
    10/27/2017「Kagerou Daze Comics Vol. 10」RELEASE
    03/27/2018「Kagerou Daze Comics Vol. 11」RELEASE
    09/27/2018「Kagerou Daze Comics Vol. 12」RELEASE


    Jin -じん-

    Born in Rishiri Island Hokkaido in 20th October 1990.
    Active as a songwriter, novelist and multi-creator.
    He started keyboard when he was six years old, influenced by his keyboardist uncle.
    After being influenced by a band “THE BLACK HORN”, and from a composer Satoru Kosaki, his worldview, story and composition of music has gained tremendous support.

    As he started posting videos in 2011, the group of songs “KAGEROU PROJECT”, which the stories in the songs links, had made an explosive hits of hitting more than 100 million views in all related videos.

    From April 2014, the animation “MEKAKUCITY ACTORS”, which he did the screenwriter, series composer, music producer etc, was on air, and in 18th June 2014, the animation’s opening and ending theme song “daze/days” was released and this single ranked third place in Oricon weekly in its first appearance.

    Furthermore, in addition to his novel “KAGEROU DAYS” series, the comic series had also started. He’s active in various media that the total circulation of all related books had hit to 9 million copies.

    Sidu -しづ-

    Born in 1993. Woman.

    She mainly works as a filmmaker for music videos, and also responsible for overall music videos for “KAGEROU PROJECT”.

    She was also in charge of the music video “Enmeichiryou/Neru” and “Setsuna Drive” by Yoshimitsu Taki (9mm Parabellum Bullet), and was highly evaluated.

    Also, as an illustrator, she drew the front cover for novels such as “Avatar (Authour: Yusuke Yamada)”, “KAGEROU DAYS –in a daze- (Author:JIN(Shizen no teki P))”, “Bandou Keiko, Nichijou ni akiaki (Authour:Aki Jinzai)”, etc, and also for music albums’ jacket illustration.
    For an animation “MEKAKUCITY ACTORS” that was on air in 2014, she was in charge for character design and illustration, and also worked for the storyboard of opening song’s image and produced the ending song’s image.

    In 2016, she was appointed as an animation director for the first time for the MX4D “KAGEROU DAYS-in a days-“. She is now getting the spotlight as a following generation creator started from Internet.