A virtual artist who showcases her biggest talent in crystal clear, long treble tones by singing anything from high-speed rock to rhythmic dance music.


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Out of Service: The History of OOS
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About Me


Born on Jan. 27, 2012, using the Yamaha Corporation’s sound synthesis system VOCALOID™ 3 singing library software. With a talent for crystal clear, long treble tones, she has a flexibility that allows her to sing high-speed rock or rhythmic dance music. Gaining attention for this character and high level of performance, users and members of industry have given her extremely high praise, leading her to first place in the Amazon music production software rankings alongside the release of the IA ROCKS extended version in June 2014.

IA Project was also launched with this release, which aims to support creative activities with IA among the next generation of creators. Through album releases, events and collaborative projects, IA provides a stage for a large number of creators.

Up-and-coming young VOCALOID creators were used widely throughout the official album "IA/01 -BIRTH-" released in April 2012. Following this, the second album in the series, "IA/02 -COLOR-," was conceived with the idea of showcasing the next generation of VOCALOID creators alongside a lineup of hit creators on the frontlines of the music industry. Then, for the most recent "IA/03 -VISION-" released in November 2014, a lineup of 31 of the very best artists to date were brought together. A popular aspect of the series are the learning materials for creators also packed in as extras, including the Audio Stem Data, Music Video Material Data (IA/01), Illustration Data Collection (IA/02) and the Web Video Upload Template Collection (IA/03).

As a virtual artist, in 2012, IA released a tie-in single as part of IA x Jin and held her first live performance at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo, afterwards moving on to start collaborations with various projects and artists.

Over the next two years, IA expanded her collaborations, taking on the official theme song and becoming the spokescharacter for Super GT, the most-watched motor race in the country, as well as a dance music collaboration with globally popular music game "Groove Coaster" from Taito and collaborations with apparel brands FIG & VIPER and Glad News. She also provided vocals for a song appearing in the internationally distributed anime "MEKAKUCITY ACTORS" entitled “Otsukimi Recital.” In addition, IA received attention for being selected for the vocals on the CD included with the final volume of the " Neon Genesis EVANGELION"manga.

IA is not just active in Japan. Since 2013, she has held successful shows in France and Taiwan and also appeared and held a performance screening at NY Comic Con, the biggest pop culture convention in the US. This continued with subsequent screenings at event venues and movie theaters in places like New York, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles, powerfully broadening IA’s activities abroad. In September, she succeeded in putting on her first outdoor performance in Taiwan, and also appeared and sold official merchandise at AFA 2014 Anime Festival Asia in Singapore in December.

Accompanying the release of VOCALOID™ 4 in December, her vocal potential expanded by allowing an easier approach to combining IA and IA ROCKS within a song using the new cross-synthesis feature.

January 2015 marks the third anniversary of IA’s release and with a PlayStation music video game "IA/VT -COLORFUL-" scheduled for release in the spring, there is much to look forward to with IA.



12/29/2011 - “IA/00” (Event Limited Edition Release)
4/25/2012 - 1st official album "IA/01 -BIRTH-"
11/28/2012 - “World Calling / LIVEDRIVE / IA x Jin”
1/30/2013 - 2nd official album "IA/02 -COLOR-"
10/30/2013 - “CiRCUiT BEATS -Super GT 20th Anniversary-” (Super GT 20th anniversary album)
11/5/2014 - 3rd official album "IA/03 -VISION-"


1/27/2012 - VOCALOID™ 3 Library “IA -ARIA ON THE PLANETES-”
1/27/2013 - “IA -ARIA ON THE PLANETES- 1st Anniversary Edition”
12/27/2013 - Start of free downloads of “IA -ARIA ON THE PLANETES-” Mac version


11/28/2012 - Performed at VOICE FES 2012 presented by NTT Communications 050 plus(Japan/Zepp Divercity Tokyo)
4/28/2013 - Performed at Niconico Cho Party II(Japan/Makuhari Messe Makuhari Event Hall)
9/20-22/2013 - Performed at Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Paris(France/Paris)
10/10-13/2013 - Appeared at New York Comic Con(the United States/New York)
3/1-2/2014 - Performed at 1st Place 10-11th Celebration Live “Keep Having Fun!”(Japan/Amuse Musical Theatre)
4/27/2014 - Appeared at Niconico Cho Party III(Japan/Makuhari Messe Makuhari Event Hall)
5/10/2014 - Appeared at KAWAii! Nippon Expo(Japan/Makuhari Messe international exhibition hall)
7/26-9/28/2014 - Became the spokes character for Anime Festa in Tokorozawa(Japan/Tokorozawa Aviation Museum)
9/14/2014 - Performed at Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Taipei(Taiwan/Taipei)
10/9-12/2014 - Appeared at New York Comic Con 2014 Appeared in "IA x Lia Premieres in the Concert Movie at NY Comic Con 2014"(the United States/New York)
12/3-6/2014 - Held “ENCORE” Live Concert Movie Screening and Merch Sales @ Kinokuniya(the United States/New York・Seattle・San Francisco)
12/5-7/2014 - Appeared at AFA 2014 Anime Festival Asia(Singapore/Singapore)
12/15/2014 - “ENCORE” Live Concert Movie Screening at LA Downtown Independent(the United States/LA)
1/24/2015 - “IA 3rd Anniversary Thank You Party ~Live & Talk~” was held. The event included, as a new trial, an AR live performance, and over 4.5 million people tuned in to watch the live broadcast.


9/2012 - IA x RSC Masami Studio Collaboration
RSC Masami Studio is operated by Masami of the legendary hip hop group Rock Steady Crew, which started in the Bronx, New York in the 1970s. Produced and provided stage attire and the opening movie for their 10th anniversary event.

4/2013 - IA x Super GT Collaboration
Began a collaboration with Japan’s highest level of motor racing, Super GT. IA took on the theme song of the 2013 Super GT, which also aired as the ending theme to TX Network’s "Super GT+".

4/2013 - IA x Sneaker Ages Collaboration
Began a collaboration with We are Sneaker Ages, a national semi-classical music performance competition among junior and senior high school students across Japan. An IA song was chosen to be performed in both the 34th and the 35th competitions.

6/2013 - Began the IA x Bandai Game Academy collaboration

9/2013 - IA x Groove Coaster Collaboration
"Groove Coaster" is a music game by Taito. An IA dance music pack and commemorative goods were sold as part of IA x Groove Coaster. A collaborative song with drum and bass artist ASY entitled "See the Lights" was also released, becoming IA’s second artist collaboration. It was distributed as free downloadable content within the game.

9/20/2013 - IA x Fig & Viper Collaboration
Released a collaborative item with edgy and mixed-taste apparel brand Fig & Viper, which has opened stores at Shibuya 109 and Laforet Harajuku, as well as Kansai.

5/10/2014 - IA x Glad News Collaboration
Selling goods in collaboration with apparel brand Glad News, which has opened shops all around Japan, including at Shibuya 109.

6/22/2014 - Provided vocals for a song appearing in the anime "MEKAKUCITY ACTORS" entitled “Otsukimi Recital”

11/20/2014 - Appeared on a CD included with the 14th Premium Limited Edition of "Neon Genesis Evangelion." IA provided vocals on the "Yoshiyuki Sadamoto Working Music CD" included with the "Neon Genesis Evangelion" 14th Premium Limited Edition.

1/24/2015 - “IA 3rd Anniversary Art Collab” initiated
In celebration of the 3rd anniversary since IA’s creation, various art collaborations took place. Artwork by illustrator Jizu graced the front cover of the February issue of DTM Magazine. Likewise, artwork by illustrator John Hathway had a limited release as commemorative T-shirts on the EC site 1st PLACE OFFICIAL SHOP -HACHIMAKI-. Also on hand were flower art themed after IA by flower artist Taro Kuniyasu and a birthday cake themed after IA by L’ecole Vantan High School.