Jose Martinez


Rimuru Figure Amazing But Few Flaws!


Rimuru Figure is amazing and pretty big for its size, notice few flaws on figure itself. Like bit of the sword sheath gold area had print scratch off on it. Head does not fully stick into the body so don't ever pick it up by head. Finally stand is bit off for its legs to plug into the stand itself. Notice it had cracks in the stand i didn't notice until i look very carefully for the 2nd time. Overall i love this rimuru figure so much but wish company took better time with it.

Kawaii and Extremely Happy!


I pre-order this while back doing my B-day and the wait was worth it. This smartphone stand with the Black Heart figure is so detail and stand works for my cell phone perfectly. It's amazing how their make this cute stands and with the figure together. I have friends who love anime and i'll be sending recommend on this item to them and other cool stands like this too.

Megurine Luka: Swimsuit Ver.
Megurine Luka: Swimsuit Ver.$27.99
$0.27 cash back

Megurine Luka Figure Beautiful ^_^


Love this Luka Figure so much sense she is my number 1 favorite Vocaloid and its worth the wait. Figure was made great and the details on it was nice for 1/12 scale figure. This is my first FREEing figure to have by the Manufacturer, you'll have to put together the head, left arm, and the legs to the body. Overall owning this Luka Figure is great, details are very good on it, and I would recommend this to any Luka fan who really like her. ^_^

Chibi Kyun Chara Love Live! Happy Maker Vol. 2
Chibi Kyun Chara Love Live! Happy Maker Vol. 2$12.00 - $36.00$6.20 - $36.00(Up to 48% OFF)
Up to $0.36 cash back

Rin Kawaii Chibi!


This Rin chibi figure is kawaii and came in perfect condition. The shipping was fast and if your into collection figures of Rin or the other girls you'll going to love these's Chibi figures a lot.

One of the Best Rin Figures!


Rin is one of the best girl in Love Live and kawaii when she is doing her pose plus the very cute cat face she does in the anime. This is one of the awesome figures to own for Rin Collection if your into Rin or the whole cast. Figure came in perfect shape, high quality, and came with extra few but overall its great buy. Most figures of this size should cost more but its price range was good and shipping was fast.

Umi Kawaii


I'm Nendoroid noob but i love Umi figure so much and its 100% new with no problems on it. She is made so well and design was great on her. I'm new to this and learn pretty quickly how to put them together without any problems. The poses are so cool and Love Live character Umi is so adorable.^_^

Super Kawaii ^_^


I'm new to collecting Nendoroid and i like this one alot of Rin and Maki but sadly i got Rin only. It was 100% new, Maki one was sold out before i order but I plan on buy different versions of Maki anyway. Having this Rin version is so adorable and made so well. The design was great and putting together the figure was easy for beginning like me.

Love it, Broccoli did great job!


100% love this Noire figure, it's very detail figure and holding it in my hands it felt super light. It's going to sit next to my small noire figure on my desk. Very costly figure for the great details plus finger nails are paint as well and worth the cost. ^_^ I recommend this figure.

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