Bahi JD

Animation Artist / Illustrator - Austria
Animation Artist from Austria. I create animation for films, games and music videos and I enjoy to put my individuality in each work. I participated in projects such as 『Space☆Dandy』or 『Ghost in the Shell ARISE』. I also enjoy to create personal works.



  • Sleepless

    This was a personal work, I had fun creating this character.
    I painted this in 1 hour. You can see the workflow here.

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  • Destructive Teenage Trio

    For Hecatoncheir (2010)

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  • Omoide in her Head

    llustration for magazine
    touch(タッチ) Vol.9 イラスト上達マガジン

    This is not the complete illustration, you can see it all in the magazine with the workflow.

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  • Character-Design practice

    I was just having fun with character-design. personal work.
    She is a deadly fighter.

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About Me

Bahi JD

Animation Artist / Illustrator / Austria

While I was 17, I created a gif-animation called "Shithead-Action". Through this gif and many other experimental animations, I was able to enter the anime & game industry.
I made my animation debut on the project "Sakamichi no Apollon".
Although my work on Apollon was short, it was published in two magazines such as 「アニメスタイル002」because of the power and individuality that was put into work.
Currently I'm active as a freelance animator and character-designer. I recently participated in projects such as 『Space☆Dandy』by the creators of Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo.
I enjoy exploring all kinds of different fields and worlds because variety makes flexible and free.


  • CountryAustria
  • GenderMale
  • BirthdayNov. 5, 1991

    "Animation workflow" Music video IA JIN- WORLD CALLING

    First I start with a very rough animation, this process is the key & heart of the animation. The roughness helps me to fully concentrate on the motion. I want to give the character weight and momentum. I always want to create a believable power in the animation. It is important for me to create animation that feels alive even if it is not from our world.
    After I'm satisfied with the motion, I go more into details on another layer. (Btw, I animate with Adobe Flash).
    I draw/animate details such as eyes, face, shadow, highlight and so on.
    Depending on the animation, sometimes I also polish the rough lines.

    You can see the letters A,B,C on the corners.
    Layer B is the character and it has 26 drawings.
    As you can see on right side below, all 26 drawing are numbered in a circle B(26).
    The circle means that this is key-animation, drawn by the key-animator. So I didn't used any in-betweens for this.
    This technique of drawing fully key-animation is called ""full limited"" and is good for action packed animation, you can have more control over the animation like this.
    After I finish my work, I send each drawing sheet to the animation Studio.
    And here is the final animation, colored and composited at the studio.
    Depending on the animation, sometimes they re-trace over my original lines to make it look even cleaner and make it easier to color the animation.

    the complete music video can be seen here,
    I have animated two cuts for it, it was the project of a friend that I helped with in 2012.

    You can also see more of my animations and workflow here.