Blu-ray & DVD - TV Anime "Free! Vol. 1" (1/4)

26 SUKI!
  • Kohji
  • Ka
  • Wendy
  • sofdb706
  • Harumi
  • Vani
  • Selin
  • Jhasmine
  • Sofia
  • YuukiNinja
  • Trinorex
  • Annamae
  • Tao
  • Kalani
  • Mystery
  • Kuro
  • Kevin
  • Nami
  • IrNa
  • Jerome
  • Shikamaru
  • Carlos
  • Janaina
  • Nomiyuu

Take your mark and get ready for the Blu-ray and DVD release!
The school boy tale is finally coming out!!
In addition to the high-quality extras included in the release, those who purchase from Animate will also receive unique extras, such as an unruled notebook and a hooded towel!
The Five Boys "Free!" Notebook (B5 size, unruled) is included with each disc, so be sure to buy the complete set.

≪Animate Original Extras≫
◆ Five Boys “Free!” Notebook (B5 size, unruled)
*Image features notebook included with first disc.

◆ Hooded Towel with Special Miniaturized Characters (Complete Set Purchase)
*This product is for customers who purchase all six Blu-ray/DVD discs of the TV Anime “Free!” in order.
*Image features pre-design line art.

≪Included Extras (First Edition Extras) ≫
◆ Special “Splash” Sleeve Packaging
◆ ”Changing” Cover with original artwork that allows you to choose your favorite (Side A: Makoto & Nagisa / Side B: Rei)
◆ “Special Book Free! Vol. 1” featuring Rin Matsuoka (Including special Rin artwork, Rin character interview, and more)
◆ Special end card image postcard (#1&2)
*Once supplies of the first edition have run out, the regular edition will be released.

≪Included Extras (Video Extras)≫
◆ Unaired original short films “FrFr! ~Free! Short Movie ~” - Two in All (“Makoto’s Troubles!” / “Recruiting Members!”)
◆ Textless Opening and Ending (First disc only)

Episodes 1 and 2

★ Blu-ray TV Anime "Free! Vol. 1”
Release Date: 9/11
Price 7,140 yen (tax included)
Manufacturer: Pony Canyon

★ DVD TV Anime "Free! Vol. 1”
Release Date: 9/11
Price 6,090 yen (tax included)
Manufacturer: Pony Canyon

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