Miku Expo 2014 Report: Miku’s Popularity is Strong in the US Too

A new page in the history of Hatsune Miku has been created.

Jim Lee of *Batman* Series Fame to Attend International Manga Fest 2014 in Japan

Jim Lee, a masterful American comic artist who has worked on the Batman series, which turns 75 this year, is coming to Japan! A discussion, live painting, signing, and other events are planned.

Details Revealed & Jacket Released for Egoist’s Fifth Single “Fallen”

A song that ties in with the currently airing TV anime Psycho-Pass 2! The jacket was created by redjuice!

Manga Artist Akira Himekawa Teaches How to Draw Manga with Masterpiece *The Legend of Zelda*!

The Legend of Zelda series is popular worldwide in a number of forms including games, manga, and figures. Now, the creators behind the manga adaptation of the series are showing us how to draw Japanese manga! This is the first time that Himekawa will be sharing their work process! Fans won’t want to miss this.

SAO Exhibit to Be Held

An exhibit of the TV anime Sword Art Online is on now at the Tokyo Anime Center from Oct. 15-26.

New Ending Theme of TV Anime *Pokémon: XY* Revealed!? Glued to Shokotan’s Live Tour “Greed Revolution”

Shokotan aka Shoko Nakagawa, who “greedily” takes part in all kinds of activities such as singing, show MCing, voice acting, acting, and producing the fashion brand mmts, has embarked on her tour “Shoko Nakagawa Live Tour 2014 ‘Donyoku Kakumei (Greed Revolution)’” on Oct. 12.

Danboard Photo Exhibition on Now at Daimaru Shinsaibashi

The Danboard Photo Exhibition organized by Movic is on now from Oct. 8-20 at Daimaru Shinsaibashi.

Have You Seen the Video? Hatsune Miku Appears on Popular CBS Program

Hatsune Miku made a guest appearance on the popular program Late Show with David Letterman of the American CBS broadcasting network and performed the song “Sharing the World.”

Fundraising Begins on Kickstarter for Practical English Materials Collection for Studying Anime!

A collection of valuable information is in the works that explains the behind-the-scenes details on production of the anime Santa Company, which was successfully funded on Kickstarter.

Creator Interview: Cure Employee takanashi

“To those who don’t know better, they won’t think they're anime accessories. But those who know, will get it. Those are the kind of things I want to make.” - Cure Employee takanashi

Dilapidated Building Becomes Temporary Museum: #BCTION Creates a World Interweaving Street Art and Cosplay

There's an old office building in Kojimachi, Tokyo that's scheduled to be demolished. But before that, an art project transformed the entire building into a museum. The name of the project is BCTION. It's taken from the idea that one action (A) influences the the next action (B) in a chain of creative expansion. This is represented in the equation ACTION x ACTION = BCTION.

Re-opening of Evangelion Store in Ikebukuro

The Evangelion Store re-opened in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro P’Parco on Oct. 3. The store offers the same selection of attractive products to entice Evangelion fans as the Harajuku location, which unfortunately closed its doors in June 2014. Approximately 200 people lined up outside on opening day, and the store bustled with people looking to buy goods right as the store opened.

Director Interview: "Rage of Bahamut" Anime Adaptation! (1/3)

Rage of Bahamut, the smartphone app that has garnered popularity around the world, will be made into an anime. It’s title will be Rage of Bahamut Genesis.

Manga Artist Combo Ume Holds Talk Show at TGS 2014

On the final day of Tokyo Game Show 2014, a talk show and signing event was held at the Tokyo Otaku Mode booth!

Waiting for Us at the Amuse Exhibition Were Year of the Sheep Alpacasso

Amuse Inc., creator of the popular Alpacasso series, held a private viewing for their new products!

2014 Fall Anime Trailer Summary: Action & Sci-Fi

A look at the trailers for the nine anime beginning this fall with promising battle scenes!

Tokyo Game Show 2014 Comes to a Close

Take a look back at Tokyo Game Show 2014, which recorded the event’s second highest attendance in its history!

2014 Fall Anime Trailer Summary: Academic and Comedic Series

Here’s our selection of 10 different trailers for cheerful, comedic school anime that will begin broadcast this October!



Oct. 6, 2014 07:000

PS Vita/PS3 Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd Extra Data Vol. 7 Hits PS Store!

PS Vita/PS3 *Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd* Extra Data Vol. 7 Hits PS Store!

On Sept. 30, Sega released on the PlayStation®Store the “Extra Data Vol. 7” downloadable content that widens the world of the PlayStation®Vita / PlayStation®3 game Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd.

Oct. 6, 2014 01:000

Buddy Complex Collaboration Cafe Opens

*Buddy Complex* Collaboration Cafe Opens

In celebration of the broadcast of Buddy Complex Final Chapter: In the Future When We Return to Those Skies, the conclusion to the Sunrise-produced original robot anime Buddy Complex, a Buddy Complex collaborative cafe has opened in Akihabara’s Cure Maid Cafe and Queen Dolce for a limited time from Oct. 3-13.

Oct. 5, 2014 13:002

Mass Gathering of Youkai Watch Characters to Appear at Roppongi Halloween Event

Mass Gathering of *Youkai Watch* Characters to Appear at Roppongi Halloween Event

A Halloween event will be held in Roppongi! And characters from the popular Japanese anime Youkai Watch will be attending as special guests!

Oct. 5, 2014 07:003

Monthly Hero’s Announces New TV Anime Project Sword Gai Slated for Spring 2016

*Monthly Hero’s* Announces New TV Anime Project *Sword Gai* Slated for Spring 2016

A new anime has been born from the pages of Monthly Hero’s, in which are published countless popular manga themed around heroes. The TV anime adaptation of the currently serializing popular manga Sword Gai was announced on Oct. 1.

Oct. 5, 2014 01:002

Doraemon to Talk in English at Tokyo International Film Festival, English Dubbed Version of Stand By Me Doraemon to Be Screened

Doraemon to Talk in English at Tokyo International Film Festival, English Dubbed Version of *Stand By Me Doraemon* to Be Screened

Stand By Me Doraemon, an unprecedented hit that made over 7.5 billion JPY in box office revenue, will be screened at the 27th Tokyo International Film Festival which kicks off on Oct. 23.

Oct. 4, 2014 09:222

Become a Manga Translator! An Interview with a Manga Translation Battle Winner (Part 3)

Become a Manga Translator! An Interview with a Manga Translation Battle Winner (Part 3)

In this interview series, we talk with previous winners of the Manga Translation Battle about their past and what lies ahead for them as manga translators.

Oct. 4, 2014 07:001

Eir Aoi - New Visuals Make Headlines & Solo Concert Sells Out!

Eir Aoi - New Visuals Make Headlines & Solo Concert Sells Out!

The jacket photos recently released by Eir Aoi for her eighth single to release on Nov. 12, Tsunagaru Omoi, have caught the attention of fans in a big way.

Oct. 4, 2014 01:001

Hell Teacher Nube Live-Action Drama Special in Grand Jump, Actor Ryuhei Maruyama to Appear in Manga

*Hell Teacher Nube* Live-Action Drama Special in *Grand Jump*, Actor Ryuhei Maruyama to Appear in Manga

With the serialization start of Hell Teacher Nube Neo this past spring and a live-action drama to begin airing on Nippon TV on Oct. 11 starring Kanjani Eight’s Ryuhei Maruyama, Hell Teacher Nube is hot right now.

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