Fairy Tail is scheduled to make it's return on April 5, 2014. With that being said, the official Fairy Tail site, FairyTail-TV.com, recently showcased a brand new preview of the anime.
The preview not only highlights clips of the returned series, but it also showcases the new animation produced by Bridge and A-1 Pictures. The preview provides viewers with a look at the clear and distinctive animation quality, similar to Fairy Tail the Movie: Phoenix Priestess. As fans of the series watch the preview, they may feel as though the series has upgraded to a “movie quality” approach.
The increased quality has also changed the appearance of the Fairy Tail cast, providing them with a rather smooth and clean finish. Not everyone will like this change, but at least the characters are still recognizable. As for the fast-paced scenes, along with special attacks, the new animation places emphasis on the overall story's color, clarity, and fluidity. The soundtrack used in the first 50 seconds of the preview is very similar to DragonForce, excluding its upbeat approach. Fans may appreciate the studios for remaining consistent with Fairy Tail's past OST's rather than shifting to a different style.
Fairy Tail came to a close with Episode 175, airing on March 30, 2013. The series concluded with a “To Be Continued” title card. A couple of months later, it was announced that Fairy Tail would return in April with a brand new animation studio – Bridge and A-1 Pictures instead of Satellite and A-1 Pictures. Fairy Tail will relaunch right where the anime left off. In addition, the preview contains scenes that are derived directly from the manga.
Now that the series has switched animation studios, do you believe it was worth the over one year wait in order to receive a newly enhanced Fairy Tail? Or would you have preferred Fairy Tail to remain with it's original animation studio, in order to stay consistent with its past episodes? Let us know!
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This is a Tokyo Otaku Mode original article written by Lindo Korchi.

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TV Anime Fairy Tail New Series PV


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