As we previously reported, syncing up with the start of the second season for the TV anime Galactic Armored Fleet Majestic Prince, which is currently broadcasting on 28 networks including Tokyo MX, a new theme song has been appointed. That song is “Prompt” by Natsumi Kon. Now, a music video for the song has been released. Also, the single for this song will be released on Aug. 21 for 1,260 yen (tax included).
Kon is a new artist who debuted with the opening theme to the first season: “Watashi wa Sozosuru.” “Prompt” is an uptempo song that overflows with a sense of liberation and speed. Continuing with the second season, this song will color the world of the anime.
In order to express the image of the song, Kon challenged herself with genuine dancing. In the video, refreshing and sharp dancing is displayed. In charge of the choreography for the video was Shinji Rachi of the dance and vocal unit, Autribe. Two other members of Autribe, Takahiro and Daisuke, also participated in the video as backup dancers. Showing a different side to her than in her first single, Kon’s dancing is not to be missed.
Kon was born in 1991. She made her professional debut in 2011 when she was cast as the role of Juliet in the musical Romeo & Juliet. She has been active as a new generation songstress in the world of musicals, and she is currently playing the role of Éponine in the musical for Les Misérables, which began in April of this year. The opening theme to the first season, “Watashi wa Sozosuru,” also grabbed attention for being a cooperative work with female artist Chiaki Ishikawa, who was in charge of the song’s lyrics and composition. The new opening theme, “Prompt,” once again puts Kon’s singing ability on display. Keep an eye out for more from this artist to come.
Source: AnimeAnime
Source article written by Katsunori Takahashi

"Prompt" second single

"Prompt" second single

Natsumi Kon

Natsumi Kon

play"Prompt" music video (short version)

"Prompt" music video (short version)


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