On April 30, the anime, manga, and game product giant Animate launched the online apparel shop 2pmworks.
This select shop promotes the theme “anime ≒ fashion” and includes fashion and lifestyle products themed after Japanese pop culture, including anime such as Evangelion, popular manga such as JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and famous games from Nintendo.
An abundant array of products are offered, including apparel, shoes, accessories, interior goods, collectors’ items, and more. The goods aren’t just of good taste, but also stress the “anime ≒ fashion” theme. The shop’s user interface also allows for an easy shopping experience. Visitors can shop by category or by using the search function.
In celebration of the shop’s launch, pre-orders are being accepted for collaborative items with Atmos Girls and Galaxxxy. The 2pmworks’ team aims to achieve 2 million unique users and
200 million yen in sales during their first year.


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