The Japanese ukiyo-e style of the Edo period crossed the oceans and influenced overseas artists such as Vincent van Gogh. The large influence of this art can also be seen in the master artists of today. Several hundreds of year have passed, but now the same phenomenon is occurring, and this time with Japanese pop culture. Similar to ukiyo-e artists, illustrators and manga artists who support Japan’s pop culture are continuing to transmit the new notion of otaku to the world with their works. For this reason, within Japan they are respected and referred to as artists likened to ukiyo-e artists.
The “Eshi 100 Exhibit 03” showcased work of 100 people representative of such Japanese artists. The event was held from April 28 to May 6 at the Akihabara UDX Building’s Akiba Square in Tokyo, Japan. The theme and participating artists are different each time this exhibit is held, which makes for an entirely new experience each time. On the first day, over 500 people waited eagerly outside the entrance of the event. It can be said the this spectacle revealed the anticipation people held for the event.
The theme for this event was “A Scenic View of Japan.” One by one, visitors stopped to view a variety of landscape illustrations splendidly expressing all the seasons of Japan. The different styles of the artists were quite unusual and the artistic methods, such as digital art and oil painting, were a surprise. There was richly colored art created skillfully through a digital method, yet right nearby there were oil paintings in which you could see the actual stroke of the brush.
The amount of tourists stood out within the assembly hall, and made evident the global extent of recognition these artists have obtained. We will surely return for the next “Eshi 100 Exhibit” in order to see such wonderful artists the likes of which haven’t been seen in Japan before.
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