At last year’s Comic Market 83, fantastic cosplay of Hatsune Miku’s rival Super Sonico really caught the attention of many fans. Take a look here to see what we mean:
Super Sonico debuted as the mascot character for Nitroplus. Since then, she has become popular with both males and females, having gained wide attention in the music and figure worlds. Besides being a gravure model and game character, Super Sonico is a musician who performed the vocals and guitar on “Superorbital”. She is also a college student. Her lovely smile is simply intoxicating!
Now, we have new news regarding the beloved mascot. Brace yourselves. Okay, ready? A 1/2 scale figure of Super Sonico is in the works! Many other size figures for the character, including 1/6 scale and 1/7 scale, have already been produced and sold, but this is the first time that a 1/2 scale figure will be made available. Presently, because the figure is so hefty and can break if it falls over, someone has to stand behind it to hold it up. Don’t worry though, this little hiccup will be fixed by the time the figure is released in July. Check out the picture below to see the non-painted prototype of this massive figure.
If that news wasn’t enough to get your heart racing, we have more. A 1/4 scale nekomimi maid version of Super Sonico is also in the works. The photos for this figure were taken by Santa Tsuji, the designer and illustrator of Super Sonico. Tsuji put a great deal of attention into this figure, even down to the makeup on the figure’s cheeks. The figure incited a huge reaction from Super Sonico fans all across Japan when Tsuji uploaded a photo of it to Twitter.
Even more new Super Sonico figures will be on display at Good Smile Company’s booth at Wonder Festival 2013 Winter. With these impressive figures, Sonico fans are sure to increase tenfold this year.
Also, don’t miss TOM’s exclusive coverage of Wonder Festival 2013 Winter when it kicks off on Feb. 10! Check out our special Wonder Festival 2013 Winter page for all the info you need to know about the event, as well as live reports and the latest info straight from the event floor!
TOM Wonder Festival 2013 Winter Page:
Super Sonico Official Site: (Japanese)



Photo by Santa Tsuji

Photo by Santa Tsuji

picture of New Super Sonico Figures You Need to See to Believe! 2


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