Illustrator - Japan
I'm a university student doing illustrations. I study image and design.

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  • I still alive.But you are...

    I drew this fantasizing about a scene where, after the ending of the RPG, the heroine is waiting for the protagonist who isn't going to come back. Lately, I've been having these strong feelings that I want to show this fantasy world I love, so I want to draw more of these works. And by the way, pointy ears are awesome!

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  • bitween blue

    My stimulus for drawing this was the townscape in Mijas, Spain. Adding the always nice black hair+white dress combo, I tried to create a fresh impression. I love blue!

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  • Shine Knight

    This is one of my works in the theme of sensuality × female knights. I paid more attention than usual to the changes in contrasts and shades of the shadows caused by light. Sword-type weapons can also be viewed as works of art. I always think worriedly that the beautiful side of such weapons and the beautiful creatures called women have a certain synergy.

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  • GrandArcLuminous

    I drew this work as the front cover of the doujinshi "GrandArcLuminous original RPG image collection." I made it with the game package's illustration in mind. I think it was very difficult, as it was my first composition with a lot of characters crammed into one screen. It was a lot of fun because of the originality and the amount of character designing. Publishing a game with my own character designs has been my dream for a while.

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Dear my Blue

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oath sword

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Here we go!

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burn down...!

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Shine Knight

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snap girl

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bitween blue

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SD Anew

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a day off

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Apple Candy

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Play game!

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Casual Miku

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About Me


Illustrator / Japan

I study image and design at university while striving to teach myself illustrating. I do digital illustrations for the most part. Besides that, I also publish doujinshi, post to illustration SNS sites, make animations, and more.

I work part-time as a video cameraman, and I am searching for an appealing screen composition that makes use of my knowledge and experience of pictures, live images, and camera handling. At present, I mostly take requests for character designs for social card games.


  • Creator NameRetsuna
  • GenreIllustration
  • NationalityJapanese
  • GenderMale
  • Date of Birth5/1
  • Blood TypeA
  • Zodiac SignTaurus
  • Area of ActivityJapan
  • Applications I Use

    SAI / Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash / RETAS Studio



- CAERUX social apps "Junketsu Duelion" - 3 card illustrations
- Illustrations for other social card game apps


- Award of Excellence in Amazon design contest for the online game "FantasyEarthZero" (Pursiana Set, package in the game)
- 1 color illustration in "Monthly Megastore September Issue" by Core Magazine
- 6 card illustrations for CAERUX's social app "Junketsu Duelion"
- card illustration for social app "Gunshin Shoukan Arc Knight" by Istpika
- illustrations for other social card game apps

Before 2011

- Online game "MasterOfEpic"
- Award in the 4th Item Design Contest in "Full Body Armor" category (2010)
- GM Award in the 2nd Design Contest (2008)

Creator Interview

What led you to drawing pictures?

It was borrowing "Summon Night 3" from a friend from extracurricular club in middle school and playing with it. I fell in love with the character designs at first sight, and I was pondering on how it was drawn and that I wanted to draw such pictures as well. About the same time I advanced to high school, I knew about the existence of pen tablets, so I started drawing digital illustrations.

How do you draw your pictures?

I like lines with pencil touch, so I used to make the line drawing on copy paper and import it, but now I basically draw everything from rough sketch and drafts on a PC. I do portraying in SAI, and coloring and adjustments in Photoshop. I use Illustrator for the design of doujinshi layouts.

Please introduce a picture of your favorite character.

I like Anew-chan, whom I designed on my own. I took penguins, my favorite animals as the motif for coloring, and I polished the rough sketch many times. She is a character I'm emotionally attached to. I wanted to do character designing from the beginning, so I want to make even more attractive designs.