Belle-chan and HunterX-v2

Figure Photographers - Brazil
Hello! We're Belle and Hunter from Brazil. We collect figures and love take photos of them. It's a passion that we both share. We hope you like our work!



  • Insane Black Rock Shooter is the maximum of power and insanity from the main char of Huke series, so, in this photo I put her as a ruler of a a world of Insanity, like Hell or something like that, showing her supremacy above others. -Hunter-

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  • I really like this figure. She is so cute and has a lot of cats. Belle loves cats ^^~~

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    Milla Maxwell from Alter is a figure full of life. Her hair is so long and intense that make her a very beautifull figure. The combination of her gold hair with these gorgerous flowers, makes this shot one of my favorites. -Hunter-

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  • I like how this Luka's figure can be cute and sexy. It's sad that there isn't many Luka over there =[ -Belle-

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  • Hatsune Miku is a very charismatic character. When I see her, I imagine her in various different ocasions. In this photo, I thought something about a high society event, where she's the main attraction of the party and her outfit have to be graceful. -Hunter-

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About Us

Belle-chan and HunterX-v2

Figure Photographers / Brazil

In late 2010, Belle started her collection with nendoroid Sebastian Michaelis and sometimes she took photos of him by herself. When Belle and Hunter started dating, she made Hunter to like to collect too. The first Hunter's figure was figma Luka Megurine, 'cause she looks like his OC.

Well, now they're married. Since then the collection grew strong.
Figure photography is a passion that they both enjoy together.
We hope you enjoy our work!
Belle & Hunter

  • NameBelle / Hunter
  • GenderFemale / Male
  • Age26 / 29
  • Zodiac SignGemini / Cancer
  • GenreFigure Photographer
  • NationalityBrazil
  • CameraNikon D5100
  • ExperienceSince 2011
  • SoftwareAdobe Photoshop CS5


    2013 - Featured on Good Smile Company fanpage with "Cuteness Overload" and "Graceful Miku".
    2013 - "Picture of the week" award at MyFigureCollection.
    2012 - Featured on a fan book called "Shining Moment", printed and sold at Comic Party in ChengDu, China.
    2011 - The 1st Place on photo contest.